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‘if we do what we have always done, we will get what we have always got’


In New Zealand, our business models tend to be conservative, and our national markets are relatively small. This environment can foster non-competitive behavior, where businesses either passively or actively collude to keep prices high and limit competition.

Socially, this leads to high profits for businesses but poor deals for consumers, particularly impacting middle and lower-income individuals, who become increasingly disadvantaged. This situation is unsustainable for both consumers and businesses.

Businesses must also adapt to climate change, whether this involves changing markets or new business requirements. This might mean altering current practices or exploring new business opportunities. We work with businesses to identify their goals and understand what adapting to climate change entails for them.

We address their specific issues from both technical and market perspectives through an adaptation lens, which often leads to new introductions, business opportunities, and the creation of new enterprises.

Our work in this area is on a consultancy basis. contact us.

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