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‘if we do what we have always done, we will get what we have always got’


In New Zealand, our business models are relatively conservative, and our national markets are small. This can encourage non-competitive behaviour in which businesses either passively or actively collude to keep prices high and competition out.

Socially, this means that while for businesses profits may be high, the consumer gets a rough deal.
This is not sustainable as we see most people, particularly those with middle and lower incomes getting poorer.
However, from a business perspective, this is also not sustainable.

Businesses also need to adapt to climate change, whether this means their markets change, or different business requirements: changing the way they do things, or exploring new types of business propositions.
We work with businesses, identifying what they want for their business, and what adapting to climate change might mean for them.
We approach their particular issues from a technical or market perspective but through an adaptation lens. This often results in new introductions, new business opportunities and new businesses.
Our work in this area is on a consultancy basis. contact us.

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