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Coastal communities are at risk of, or are already facing multiple climate related changes; such as rising sea levels, increased ocean temperatures & coastal erosion.
There are a number of possible approaches to prevent the loss of our coastal communities, all of which require some amount of collaborative planning between Communities/People, local institutions and governments.


  •  Adaptive Planning

  • Hard Protection (Sea Walls, Artificial Reefs)

  •  Soft Protection (using or enhancing natural physical systems, e.g. beach nourishment, dune management…etc.)

  •  Accommodation to reduce vulnerability ('Floating houses' , Flood hazard mapping, Adapting urban drainage systems)

  •  Ecosystem Protection (using, reinstating or enhancing natural water systems, e.g. wetlands, etc)

  •  Managed Retreat (Rethinking coastal living, Relocating neighborhoods/ cities)

HERE is access to a Climate action toolbox
Where businesses can calculate their carbon emissions along with a tool to create an action plan to reduce carbon emissions.

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