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BOEE is a charitable trust registered in New Zealand governed by a Board of Trustees incorporated as a Trust Board under the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act, 1957.

BOEE is a new interdisciplinary science-based research institute based in New Brighton on the outskirts of the Christchurch red-zone. Although near New Brighton, BOEE is actually named for the township of Brighton, located at the mouth of the Fox River, before it was “..swallowed by the sea..” in the 19th century. 

BOEE is envisaged as New Zealand’s institute for adaptation: both a collaborative space for research, as well as a nexus for communities, business and government. We believe this interdisciplinary, pluralist and distinctively collaborative centre of knowledge and experience is needed. We have local connection and international reach: both needed to support key decision makers. It will be part of the facilitation of the next part of New Zealand’s journey beyond a commodity economy. 

Although BOEE is neither a CRI, nor a university, we work with both. BOEE is expected to be jointly funded by government and business. When mature it is envisaged that there will be a core staff of about 20, with at least as many academic and business visitors again, (so overall about the size of a small university department).


BOEE will be housed in an adaptive state-of-the-art climate resilient building in a seasonally wet area. The community wrapped around it are an essential part of BOEE’s extended family. We will listen to them, as they as they listen to issues echoing round the Country and the world that relate to our purpose. They will help us to improve our learning of how to engage and work with local communities and iwi. Ultimately it is hoped that the community could themselves become a vehicle to engage with other communities: we would facilitate this process. We will contribute into to the Living Lab Citizen Science Programme, creating new opportunities for youth to become part of the solution whilst also growing the green economy. 

Science and science-based knowledge and innovation are known to be major drivers of national economies, and that a lack of science investment and activity is detrimental to regional and national good. Blue sky science has the potential to deliver paradigm changing knowledge, but economic transformation is more commonly delivered by technical innovation and applied science, as proposed in BOEE. Such institutions also increase local employment.

Canterbury is one of the agricultural bases of our current economy, but has significant  adaptation needs and so is a major future risk. Local universities and CRIs, where they are aware of parts of the issue, are organized on mono or multi-disciplinary bases. However, to gain real traction on this broad interlocking swathe of issues which are the adaptation matrix, a fully interdisciplinary approach is required from the outset. Specific and mutually contingent solutions need to be developed within a policy framework focused on the new, not the old economy.


Our old economy needs to evolve into a larger more resilient and sustainable new economy, but without decapitation of the sunk investment in our current commodity economy. 

Post the Canterbury 2010 earthquake sequence, which severely damaged the Country’s second largest city, the east of Christchurch particularly was devastated. The associated human, community, well-being, environmental and economic trauma even now haunts the area. The establishment of this institution where proposed, in a place that will need to become more  resilient and adapt, makes a statement about national and local solidarity, resilience, and strategic economic development. It is not unintentional that from this city, and these battered communities, inter/national bridges to the future are being built.

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BOEE is new. We are formulating relationships to enable us to fulfill our work, our goals, and be part of the solution. Our funding will be from both the Public and Private sectors, and we are able to work with partners to deliver practical on-the-ground solutions.

If any of this information is of interest, please contact us.

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Brighton Observatory of Environment & Economics exist to facilitate communities, businesses and governments to successfully adapt to the effects of climate change..

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