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Our Organization

BOEE is a charity registered in New Zealand (#CC58284)  governed by a Board of Trustees incorporated as a Trust Board under the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act, 1957. We are named for the Township of Brighton at the mouth of the Fox River which was ‘swallowed by the sea’ in the 1880s.

BOEE is a new interdisciplinary, pluralist and science-based research institute. We exist to facilitate adaptation to the effects of climate change for communities, businesses, and government, as well as forming a nexus where they meet. Our projects identify and engage the process-critical barriers, (technical/operational jigsaw pieces) that if not resolved will become barriers to realistic, collaborative, and compassionate adaptation pathways. These jigsaw pieces are too small for government, but too large for individual communities and businesses. With our local connection and international reach, we believe our collaborative centre of knowledge and experience can facilitate part of New Zealand’s journey beyond a commodity economy.

On a seasonally flooded river-side site, BOEE will be located in New Brighton: a coastal village facing future climate impacts; at the edge of the Christchurch, a city of often missed opportunity; and in Canterbury where economic impacts of climate are national in scale. As a charity we seek funding from government, businesses and charitable sources. BOEE has been a pro bono academic project for about 18 months, we began operations in 2020.

For communities and local governments our purpose is to reduce the scientific and technical inequity of adaptation conversations and decision-making. We facilitate processes that will result in increased resilience of the parties and environment going forward. We do this by education, technical and economic advice, building relationship and trust to facilitate collaboration not consultation. For businesses, we operate at high granularity to identify individual technical business and environmental solutions that grow the new economy and hence facilitate economic and environmental resilience. Adaptation is not about writing off sunk investment, but instead about using it differently.

In summary we exist to expedite adaptation in the NZ economy to reduce the period and extent of economic, social and environmental damage and disorder. We achieve this by working with and facilitating education and communication between Communities, Businesses and Government(s), undertaking research and reporting the results.

Post the Canterbury 2010 earthquake sequence, which severely damaged the Country’s second largest city, the east of Christchurch particularly was devastated. The associated human, community, well-being, environmental and economic trauma even now haunts the area. The establishment of this institution where proposed, in a place that will need to become more  resilient and adapt, makes a statement about national and local solidarity, resilience, and strategic economic development. It is not unintentional that from this city, and these battered communities, inter/national bridges to the future are being built.

If any of this information is of interest, please contact us.



BOEE has both research and community/business work-streams, and these are funded separately. We work with partners to deliver practical on-the-ground solutions.

If any of this information is of interest, please contact us.

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