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Adapting to climate change is a journey we must all take: our people, our economy, and our government.

Adaptation: Shaping Our Future Together

Adaptation is the process of adjusting to our current and anticipated climate, and its effects. In human systems, adaptation aims to moderate harm, avoid risks, and seize beneficial opportunities.

Communities and individuals are the authors of their own stories and the architects of their own futures. We have deep connections to the places we call home, many of which were established long before climate change was recognized as a pressing issue. Despite varying levels of awareness or action, most communities face some degree of risk.

It's important to approach all communities with compassion and respect. They did not choose for climate change to impact them, and it is not the fault of residents for living where they do. In many ways, we are all influenced by decisions made in the past.

Adaptation Conversations provide opportunities to reshape our present and future. When done well, the adaptation process can enhance social justice and equity. We walk alongside communities on their adaptation journeys because, without proactive measures, the consequences can be dire, such as homes falling off cliffs or being washed away, leading to search and rescue missions.

Our work in this area is pro-bono, dedicated to supporting communities in navigating these challenges and building resilient futures.

As an organization BOEE can talk to communities and local government to help facilitate outcomes acceptable to both.

Together, we have the potential to remake our society for our children

Facing adaptation conversations? 

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