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Adaptation of Coastal Communities:
"The good, the bad, and the ugly." --  Simon Watts Video Presentation Jan 21, 2021

Case studies are used to support this presentation about Best Practice Process and how the NZ Guidance measures up against this best practice. Along the way the role of scenarios, trigger points, and economics are discussed. Simon Francis Watts BSc; PhD; DIC; CChem; FRSC; CEnv; FIEnvSc; MRSNZ Simon is originally from the UK, and before coming to NZ taught at Oxford Brookes University for many years. With his wife he settled in NZ in 2007.


Simon is an environmental and climate scientist who has worked in the University, Private and Parliamentary sectors at different times across three countries. He still holds a visiting professorial appointment with National University of Singapore. His main role is now Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Brighton Observatory of Environment and Economics, (BOEE) where he is also Observatory Director.


Shifting Sands: what the ‘Sand Report’ means, and why it is key to the Christchurch eastern seaboard suburbs




Video from We Live in Interesting Times: how can we adapt, evolve and prosper?
Avebury House, Richmond, Christchurch 15 July 2020 available from:


   Note: Despite poor audio quality, the original soundtrack has been retained, to preserve the integrity of the event. The audio quality of a video demonstration re-recorded post event contrasts with that of the rest of the presentation. This is deliberate.


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10 New Insights in Climate Science 2019, Future Earth & The Earth League, Stockholm, 2019.




Watts, S.F, [2019] The Estuary-edge of Southshore and South New Brighton. BOEE, New Brighton. 120pp. Note this is not the final version. This is a late draft: the peer review is incomplete.




Videos from Climate Change: Food, Education and Wellbeing, New Brighton, 7 March 2020 are available from: