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The Brighton Observatory of Environment and Economics (BOEE)

Who We Are

The Brighton Observatory of Environment & Economics (BOEE) is New Zealand’s leading center for climate change adaptation. Established in 2020, BOEE is a registered charity (NZ #CC58284) governed by a Board of Trustees. Named after the historical township of Brighton, our organization is dedicated to addressing the impacts of climate change and facilitating adaptive strategies across communities, businesses, and governments​.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expedite adaptation in the New Zealand economy, reducing the period and extent of economic, social, and environmental damage during our adaptation journey. We aim to foster resilience and sustainability by bridging the gap between communities, businesses, and governmental bodies, ensuring all voices are heard and all sectors are prepared for future challenges.

What We Do

  1. Facilitation and Collaboration: We work closely with local governments and communities to facilitate conversations and create actionable plans for climate adaptation. This includes advising on technical aspects and ensuring that all parties have the information and resources they need to make informed decisions​.

  2. Business and Economic Adaptation: We assist businesses in understanding and adapting to the changing climate, identifying opportunities for innovation and sustainability. Our consultancy services focus on integrating environmental and economic strategies to enhance resilience and growth​.

  3. Research and Development: Our research initiatives aim to remove critical barriers to adaptation, whether they are technical, economic, or social. We work on facilitating technology transfer and connecting the right stakeholders to ensure that new developments are market-ready and beneficial for all​.

Our Approach

  • Community Engagement: We respect and support communities in their adaptation journeys, recognizing their unique stories and challenges. Our goal is to empower communities through education, technical assistance, and collaborative decision-making processes​.

  • Sustainability and Innovation: By promoting sustainable practices and innovative solutions, we help businesses and economies evolve to meet new environmental realities. We believe adaptation is about utilizing existing investments differently rather than writing them off​​.

Get Involved

Our work is driven by collaboration and support from various stakeholders. We invite businesses, governmental bodies, and community organizations to join us in our mission to create a resilient and sustainable future for New Zealand. For more information or to engage our consultancy services, please contact us.

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