Upcoming Events 

Our Events

We hope you leave our events feeling inspired and empowered. Please do feedback on any event you attend, and for those events with post-discussion sessions please also feedback on those sessions.  All our events are free, although for some types of events free tickets are required from Eventbrite.

Dunesday Sessions

A series of (free) interdisciplinary science-based 2-3 hour field-course style sessions designed to assist people and communities to appreciate aspects of a local environment within the context of adaption to climate change. A BOEE staff team will lead each event. These events have now re-started, see details below.

Dunesdays Health and Safety

Health and Safety implications are minimal and will be specified for each event and be subject to conditions, season etc. Full instructions with registration acknowledgement. Typically for daytime events you will need walking sandals/boots, light cotton trousers, multiple cotton layers, a warm layer, a waterproof, sun-hat and sunscreen. Also suggest bringing water or a drink with you. Some events include food, (koha welcome). For evening events warmer clothes, and additionally a head-torch.

Note: Children do not need tickets but must be in the care of an attending adult.