Upcoming Events 

City Nature Challenge BOEE Event

Take part in this exciting global challenge to find and document wildlife in our own backyard. As part of this event, BOEE start a biodiversity blitz starting from Southshore Spit Reserve, Saturday 1 May 10am-12pm.

Meet at the Reserve entrance at 10am. This will be a walk starting at the reserve, down the estuary side, then up the coastal side as far as Tern Street across to the estuary and back to The Reserve.

We will spend time looking and recording birds, animals, critters. Your welcome to just tag along and stretch your legs and help us to spot wildlife.

Please dress appropriately and according to conditions. Please bring with you an interest/enthusiasm for the birds, animals, plants and critters who share this part of the world as their home.

We suggest also bring hot/cold drink and snack, and (if you have one) a phone with the app iNaturalist installed, or a camera.
We will be within a 15 minute walk of the reserve at all times.

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Dunesday Sessions

A series of (free) interdisciplinary science-based 2-3 hour field-course style sessions designed to assist people and communities to appreciate aspects of a local environment within the context of adaption to climate change. A BOEE staff team will lead each event.

Dunesday Sumner.png

All events are free, Tickets in advance using eventbrite.

Note: Children do not need tickets but must be in the care of an attending adult.

NOTE for technical reasons beyond our control this event 22 May has been postponed. All those  booked have been emailed.

List of Current Dunesday Dates:


Health and Safety

Health and Safety implications are minimal and will be specified for each unit and be subject to conditions, season etc. Full instructions with registration acknowledgement. Typically for daytime units you will need walking sandals/boots, light cotton trousers, multiple cotton layers, a waterproof, sun-hat and sunscreen. Also suggest bringing water or a drink with you. For evening units warmer clothes, and additionally a head-torch.

Note: Children do not need tickets but must be in the care of an attending adult.